Stevie's Art

Stevie drawingStevie: "I don't really call myself a painter...I draw. So I draw my pictures and then sometimes I paint them in and sometimes I don't. So I'm really more into the fine drawing... And I just draw little creatures, and little people and little bits of my drawing has gone out over the years...I'm doing....I'm gonna do a book...I'm working on it now with my best friend. That's just and some poetry and some little vignettes from my journals that's I think is going to be really nice. And it'll be in the next year or you'll get to actually see what I draw, because I've been doing this always, I've just never shown anybody. My drawing is like my meditation."

Excerpt from interview "Spotlight on Stevie Nicks"
Aired on 96.1 WSRS Worcester, MA on 8/5/01

Over the years Stevie has given us some glimpses into the artwork that she herself has created, please have a look at the following pieces of her work. A mix of symbolism and expressionism, with influences by Sulamith W├╝lfing, her favorite artist. Enjoy!