Tambourine Art

Kathy (holding tambourine I created for her) and Kris with Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and other fans!Stevie's favourite musical instrument enhanced with artwork inspired by the Lady herself!

These artworks are created on a 10" (25cm) tambourine with 'skin' on which the images are rendered.

The tambourine paintings are created to order, and the examples you see on this page are not for sale. You can order your very own tambourine, with your favorite image!

Price: US$ 280.00 for a tambourine with one portrait (Stevie, just yourself, just your friend, etc.) or US$ 320.00 for a tambourine with portraits of two people (Stevie and yourself, Stevie and a friend, or two other people, etc.!) These prices include the tambourine and the original one-of-a-kind artwork.

Postage and packing is seperate at cost as that varies from destination to destination.

Please note that due to a very busy day job as a web designer I am unable to accept any new tambourine art commissions until further notice because these are very time consuming to create, and I currently simply do not have that time available. However, print orders will ship as normal. Thank you for your understanding!

Tambourine commission painting examples: